Presentation for the Glastonbury Town Hall People’s Assembly, October 2019

Presentation Notes

1. Graphic: Rediscover Purpose = hope; not that climate change will be stopped and everything returned to normal, because climate change is already happening – with serious affects in some parts of the world – and what we think of as ‘normal’ is at the root of the problems.

2. Addressing these massive problems will certainly require ‘unprecedentedchanges in all aspects of society’ (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, special report).

3. Applying the principles of psychological resilience to the physical reality.

4. ‘More than straightforward resilience …’ Professor Jem Bendell, who has developed the Deep Adaptation Agenda, provides a map to help us think about this.

5. Steart marshes on the Somerset coast in the foreground – here salt marshes have been allowed to form. They are created by the ingress of the sea, and then naturally hold back further flooding. (Withdrawing from the coastline). And in the background, Hinkley Point (a particularly vulnerable industrial facility). Giving up expectations for certain types of consumption needs to be thought about by all of us.

6. Increased community level productivity and support is perhaps what we can begin discussing here this afternoon.

7. Thinking about what is most important, with a very real threat to our way of life: it is time to make our peace.

8. Some ideas which I shall leave up on the screen for a few minutes for everyone to have a look at. Not a definitive list, whilst some might be controversial. Maybe discussion of some of these can wait for the small groups later.