Stonehenge 87 cover

Edited and largely written by Bruce Garrard
A4 magazine format, 40 pages.
Published June 1988
Now available as photocopied facsimile:
39 A4 pages plus colour cover: £4.20



“We picked up our bags and went over towards the underpass, where we cleared the last of the litter, and we were just about to leave when somebody said ‘They’re letting them in!’ – and Sid came striding up the road at the head of a motley bedraggled procession, succeeded in  unlatching and throwing wide the gate in one flowing movement, and marched across the grass in full regalia. Other folks walked and broke into a run behind and around him.

“We dashed through to the car park, dumped our bags of rubbish by the bins, and back again for the real ritual of the morning. All the people around the Stones decided to form one wide round circle, which happened at roughly 6.45 am. With the circle formed we walked round once, hand in hand, and then we spiralled in again, sunwise this time, till we were gathered in amongst the Stones and Sid in his robes with his staff was there to lend the occasion some sense of ceremony and decorum.”

Stonehenge 87 cover

Wiltshire Times and News