Greenlands Farm cover

The ‘other side of the story’ of the infamous travellers’ site in Glastonbury
Bruce Garrard
A5 booklet, 40 pages.
Published October 1986
1988 price £1.50, now available for £3.00


Greenlands Farm [now Paddington Farm] during 1985 was the venue for a so-called “hippy invasion” of Glastonbury, when about 200 travellers took up temporary residence there on the outskirts of the town.

What happened next involved not just the police and the Town Council, but also the District and County Councils, Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce, the London-based ‘Paddington Farm Trust’, the County Court in Yeovil and the High Court in London, and – not least – the local Somerset newspapers.

This booklet gives an account of the events from the travellers’ point of view; and particularly takes to task the ‘Western Gazette’ and the ‘Central Somerset Gazette’ for the manner in which they reported the affair.

The publication is slightly complicated because it’s printed on paper in three different colours:
The red pages contain material written by the Greenlanders and their friends, mostly published in ‘The Glastonbury Commnunicator’ and ‘the Times of Avalonia’.
The white pages carry an indignant address to the people of Glastonbury, written by a former resident of Greenlands Farm.
The blue pages include a selection of news cuttings concerning the ‘Greenlands affair’, taken from the ‘Western Gazette’ and the ‘Central Somerset Gazette’.

Greenlands Farm cover

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