Continuing from the Glastonbury Gazette. Edited and published by Ann Morgan. 5 issues, 1990 to 1991


G Times 1

1  Spring Equinox 1990 
Poll Tax Revolt Begins; New proprietors at Glastonbury Post Office; Looking back at Greenham; Glastonbury Earth Week; Gog Theatre – Somerset/Soviet Theatre Exchange; Farmers Must Take More Care (in the wake of BSE epidemic); ‘Debt Economy is Murdering the Earth’; Interview with James Bloom, Glastonbury de-schooled teenager; New Health Centre in Glastonbury; Obituaries – Rob Elms, Anthony Roberts;

Government Employment Training Scheme and single mothers; and many other local news items.

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G Times 2

2 Summer 1990
Local news and views, including: Somerset Community Church – ‘all smiles and love bombing’; Ian Tucker, new Glastonbury mayor; Interview with Jean Eavis at Worthy Farm; Obituary – Ray Kerley; ‘unnecessary, unacceptable or unreasonable pollution is negligent in law’; Ariadne Productions – Kathy Jones.

Available as photocopied facsimile (28 A4 pages)
Price £2.80

G Times 3

3 Autumn 1990
Proposed Bryant Homes development in Wirral Park; Mount Avalon project rekindled; Poll Tax – non-payers, demonstrations and the first court cases; Green Criteria for Living on the Land; Bishopston Trading Co comes to Glastonbury; Glastonbury Festival of Dance; Crop Circles in Butleigh; Glastonbury Festival 1990.

Available as photocopied facsimile (28 A4 pages)
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G Times 4

4 Winter 1990
Morlands moulders on …; Prince Charles visits Chalice Well; Glastonbury Station canopy re-erected in St John’s Square; Homeless activists occupy Mount Avalon; Interview with Michael Eavis; Interview with Green Party candidate Carol Carnall; article by un-named middle class Tory capitalist; plus events, news etc.

Available as photocopied facsimile (28 A4 pages)
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G Times 5

5 Summer Special 1991
Local Elections 1991; Saga of the Sewers; ‘Arthurian Theme Park’ proposal; Public drinking; more on Prince Charles’ (unofficial) visit to Glastonbury; UFO sighting in Butleigh; Shareholders to buy Assembly Rooms; History of the Fosse Way; Interview with Serena Roney-Dougal, author of ‘Where Science and Magic Meet’; Jazz Musicians – Jaki Whitren and John Cartwright; Local reflections on the Gulf war; review of John 

Michell’s ‘New Light on the Ancient Mystery of Glastonbury’ by Kathy Jones; review of Kathy Jones’ ‘The Ancient Goddess in Glastonbury’ by John Michell; Transport 2000 Report from LEGS – Mid-Somerset Cycle and Footpaths Group; and much else.

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