‘Contemporary history in the making’. Edited by Bruce Garrard, published by Unique Publications. 13 issues, quarterly 1998 to 2001.

Free State 1

Beltane 1998 
New magazine ‘The Fog Lamp of the Mind’; Glastonbury Tor and the National Trust – public debate over the Tor’s management and future; Plans for a Community Development Trust – Glastonbury’s ‘alternative community’ gets involved in the town’s long-term development; C.J.Stone’s ‘Glastonbury Tales’ – former Guardian writer’s view on the Glastonbury scene; other news and information including

the Robert Barton Trust’s plans for a day centre in Glastonbury, the ‘Cannabis Hemp Information Club’ moves to Glastonbury from London, ‘Tribal Voices’ and the local music scene.

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Free State 2

2 Lughnasadh 1998
“Mud? What Mud?” Glastonbury Festival report – Gareth Mills meets Joe Strummer; The Assembly Rooms plans to re-open after structural repairs and soundproofing work; Radical Routes network of radical co-ops – “It’s like the alternative CBI here, there’s so many company directors”; Somerset Levels in Peril – the Environment Agency’s ‘Water Level Management Strategy Review’; The Avalonian Free State Choir and its development since 1992; Glastonbury Online and the Isle of Avalon website; The 

Reverend Boris Gestetner, lost in the future; 25 years (or more) ago today – interesting extracts from the 1970’s ‘Torc’ magazine; Jo Waterworth’s regular ‘Mum’s the Word’ column – ‘Rent-a-Husband’; other news and information including controversy over development at Mount Avalon, ‘The Queen v Free Cannabis’, anti-GM food campaign.

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Free State 3 1

3 Samhain 1998
‘BBC documentary about Glastonbury finds a diverse community which is more and more working together’; Changes at the Chalice Well – interview with guardian Colleen Rosado; C.J.Stone on life as a car park attendant; The 1998 Big Green Gathering in Wiltshire – the biggest and perhaps the greenest so far; ‘Seize the Day’ bring out their first CD, plus more from ‘Tribal Voices’; Peter Please – ‘A day on the stall at Glastonbury Market’; ‘Agenda 23’ – an attempt to map out change in the local community; 25 years ago 

– the Assembly Rooms Squat; Julie Felix at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference; other news and information including ‘Glastonbury in Bloom’ prize winner arrested for cannabis cultivation, environmental activists sent down after action at Whatley Quarry in the Mendips, GM debate at the Town Hall with Mae Wan Ho, Assembly Rooms ‘still under pressure’.

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Free State 4

4 Imbolc 1999
“Here in Glastonbury, history is giving us the chance to start creating a better world”; Morlands – ‘the site has been an eyesore for years, and now there is hope that it will at last be developed. But what sort of development will it be?’ – the real story behind the news, and Mendip District Council’s Planning Brief; Glastonbury’s Travellers – the Sharpham Collective ‘a good example of travellers organising themselves to make their lives more comfortable and productive’, and ‘A Letter to Dee-Dee’; Floods on the Levels –

 ‘Manifesto for the abolition of cars in Glastonbury’; Genetic Engineering – think global, act local – what are Glastonbury’s shops and cafes doing about GM food?; Daevid Allen of Gong on ‘Harmonious Dying’, plus Rolf Harris’s cartoon image of Mark Robson; other news and information including the Self Seed project at Meare, Glastonbury Internet Radio, ‘Ostriches in Chilkwell Street’.

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Free State 5

5 Beltane 1999
Morlands Factory Site (part 2) – controversial planning application arrives from Welbeck Land. What could be the alternatives? How can we as a community actively participate in our own regeneration process?; David Taylor, our Green Party candidate for the European election; Bridie’s Yard and the New Beginnings Family Resource Centre, mutual self-help for de-schooled kids and their parents; Cycling Cuba – a Caribbean holiday with a difference; ‘Picture Records’ – new music from local musicians; 

Glastonbury Net radio has arrived;‘The Jesus Mysteries’ – the ‘most heretical book of the millennium’ written by Glastonbury author Tim Freke; ‘The Magical Land of Odd’; other news and information including the Glastonbury Skate Park project, St Johns radio phone transmitter, Millennium projects for Glastonbury, new guardians at the Chalice Well.

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Free State 6

6 Lughnasad 1999
“The festival at Pilton avoided the rain and the streets of Glastonbury are crammed with tourists on Saturday afternoons”; Glastonbury Festival ‘99 – An Old Fogey’s visit to Pilton; Tribute to Jean Eavis; Shannon from ‘Seize the Day’ – Resistance to Bio-Devastation, plus direct action at Tescos in Street; The Millennium Bug – ‘As the year 2000 approaches, there seems to be very little concern in this country about the possible effects of computer systems malfunction’; 25 years ago – theory that prehistoric man utilised hang 

gliders made from parchment, wax and willow wands to survey the geomantic landscape; other news and information including Solar Eclipse expected – 95% coverage visible from Glastonbury, more on Morlands, the Assembly Rooms, St Johns mobile phone transmitter campaign, the Robert Barton Trust and the new Town Council, the Glastonbury Conference Season.

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Free State 7 1

7 Samhain 1999
“Help see off another millennium … Please come to a party on Glastonbury Tor, 31st December 1999. Bring champagne”; Palden Jenkins’ millennial vision of Glastonbury and its place in the future; history of the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 1864-1999, with pictures from the Rutland Boughton years – “As in former generations the Assembly Rooms continues to be popular with some sections of the community whilst others regard it as dreadful”; review of C.J.Stone’s ‘The Last of the Hippies’; Kings Hill – public enquiry into low impact

dwellings, ‘The Council’s planning objectives may be incompatible with the law’; Childrens World International go to Kosovo, plus Arabella Churchill’s near-fatal accident in Hawaii; other news and information including a new recording studio for Glastonbury, plans for Millennium eve, petition against St Johns mobile phone transmitter, the latest on Morlands.

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Free State 8

8 Imbolc 2000
‘The Phoenix has Risen’ – New Year’s Eve 1999/2000; Tracing the Map – memorising Glastonbury High Street – major project for Glastonbury Net Radio; more on the Morlands site – “There is now the possibility that imaginative ideas for community- based proposals may be taken seriously”; Sustainable Housing in Somerset – practical achievements and recommendations about how to take things forward; WTO Conference in Seattle – eye witness account of the demonstrations from Seize the 

Day’s Theo Simon, plus new 6-track CD ‘Food’n’Health’n’Hope’; ‘I don’t live here’ – film portrait of Alison Collyer by Stephen Clarke; other news and information including ‘Art on the Levels’, go-ahead for West Mendip Credit Union, local transport strategy study for Glastonbury, Whatley Quarry expansion – protests over-ruled by John Prescott.

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Free State 9

9 Beltane 2000
“The New Age Has Begun – no more waiting around, we’ve got to get on with it now”; ‘The Great Pyramid of Pilton’ – the story of the original Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival (interview with Michael Eavis from 1982); ‘The Heart of the Community’ – changes in Glastonbury over the past century, based on interviews by Sue Palmer for Glastonbury Net Radio’s ‘Tracing the Map’; Millennial images of Glastonbury, including the Tor lit up with flares; ‘The Barely Hidden Agenda’ – the first year of Glastonbury’s new 

right-wing Town Council, and its disastrous effect on cross-community co-operation; Walton Hill bender community – planning permission refused; other news and information including planning permission granted for skate park, end to plans for new Glastonbury relief road, Glastonbury Online goes for public funding.

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Free State 10

10 Lughnasad 2000
“None of us really like to play politics; but if we have to, then we are able to do it effectively”; Glastonbury Festival 2000, ‘in search of the elusive point to it all’, plus Reith Lecturer Vandana Shiva – “It’s like India. Lots of music, lots of colour, lots of fun” – and ‘Glastonbury, a very English Fair’, new book by George McKay; Morlands – ‘How could a sustainable development actually be achieved?’ including local moves from the Glastonbury Trust; Di Milstein – Miss Smith and ‘The Magic of Everyday Life’; CCTV 

cameras proposed for Glastonbury High Street; first Glastonbury Green Man Conference planned for May 2001; other news and information including ‘Villagers threaten to tear up GM crops’, local support for Prince Charles,SRB (‘Single Regeneration Budget’) funding for Glastonbury, new Library opening soon.

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Free State 11

11 Samhain 2000
“Bringing Glastonbury Together” – the SRB funding bid and other related issues, the make-up of the SRB ‘partnership board’, Assembly Rooms withdraws RDA funding application; ‘Bombings, Banners & Business as Usual’ – C.J.Stone returns in political mode, protesting against the secret war on the people of Iraq; ‘Community – which way now?’ – an outsider’s view of the Avalonian process; The Phoenix Project, new arts centre, opens its doors; ‘Very English, Very Fair’ – Andrew Kerr on George 

McKay’s history of Glastonbury festivals; Startling report on Sai Baba lodged at the Avalon Library; other news and information including opposition to a planned waste incinerator at Ditcheat, Robert Barton Trust looks forward to its new Town Council rep, latest at the Assembly Rooms, John Michell’s new book (‘The Temple at Jerusalem’).

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Free State 11 1

12 Imbolc 2001
‘Which way for the Assembly Rooms’ – the Great Debate over Glastonbury’s Community Centre, plus ‘A Goddess Temple for the Assembly Rooms?’; C.J.Stone at the WTO Conference in Prague; Kings Hill – Mike Hannis on a legal breakthrough for low impact dwellings; Straw bale house built at Butleigh; ‘Hair raising’ – performance in residency by Sue Palmer at GJ’s hair salon in Shepton Mallet; other news and 

information including West Mendip Credit Union up and running, Zia Solar Systems renewable energy business, ‘RIP Southwood’ campaign against waste incinerator, Imbolc festival of women’s literature.

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Free State 13

13 Beltane 2001
“The Last Issue – Collector’s Item.” New Chapter Begins in the Assembly Rooms Story; C.J.Stone on Fatherhood; The Green Man at Glastonbury – new men’s event; Chalice Well gardens – interview with resident Guardians Michael and Lynne Orchard; other news and information including ‘Glastonbury Tor Closed’ during foot and mouth epidemic; Morlands site bought by SWERDA; new hospital planned for green 

field site outside Glastonbury; ‘Sponsored prison sentence’ for Free Cannabis campaigner.

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