EDF Bullshit

Blog post, October 25 2013

I had fun helping to dump a heap of bullshit outside the EDF shop in Bridgwater. This was to mark the announcement that negotiations between the UK government and EDF have finally come to a ‘successful’ conclusion. Shopping bags full of manuure dumped in a heap in the middle of their nice shopping precinct – we did put a plastic sheet down first so it didn’t make too much mess.

“On the day the government announced that UK energy bills would be doubled for 35 years to pay EDF and Chinese investors for a new Nuclear Power station at Hinkley 
Point in Somerset, energy users delivered their own message at an EDF office in Bridgwater. Later, they cleaned up and removed the waste pile, but the bullshit 
was confiscated by cops for further investigation…”


The deal means that EDF will be paid twice the going rate for electricity generated at Hinkley Point (and this will be index-linked), whilst the government is still under-writing the construction costs (current estimate £14bn, and rising), as well as picking up the tab for any uninsurable risks and so on.

The matter is now referred to the EU, who have to decide whether all this subsidy amounts to giving EDF an unfair competitive advantage.

Hinkley Point – Latest?

Blog post, July 25 2013

Development consent was granted on March 19th; seven months later, and still nothing has been said (officially) about construction work going ahead. EDF have laid off most iof their workforce and there were hopes that they may have given up.

Then a month ago the government, as part of its ‘spending review,’ said that they would be underwriting the construction costs by up to £10 billion. £10 billion! The local press declared that it would surely be going ahead now – but still no announcement from the government or from EDF.

Presumably the negotiations still continue, in which case the £10bn was just the latest negotiating position – and EDF still want more.