Climate Emergency Day, Glastonbury Town Hall

Blog post 23/9/2019

Glastonbury Town Hall with the anti-nuclear flag flying from the flag pole.
Photo: Richard Tabor.

This was Glastonbury’s first ‘Climate Emergency Day’, arising from the Town Council’s resolution declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’. It consisted of local groups (Extinction Rebellion, Friends of the Earth, the campaign for an international law against Ecocide, Plastic-free Glastonbury, and a few others), together with a few short talks. I arrived feeling a bit cynical, that the Town Council’s resolution was badly put together and probably ineffective, and that most of what’s being proposed is too little too late anyway. Nevertheless I was pleasantly surprised.

The event was well attended, even if 90% of the people there were already convinced of the issue’s importance (and, sadly, the only Town Councillors present were from the Green Party). It felt like a celebration – flying the anti-nuclear flag from the Town Hall’s flagpole crystallised that feeling – and it was really enjoyable meeting people, talking to people, catching up on what’s going on and having the ‘craic’. A gathering of people like this encourages a sense of hope.

The intention next time (October 26th) is to include a ‘People’s Assembly’, which will hopefully begin to develop a strategy for mobilising the town’s resources in response to climate change. The hope is that a second such day will be less ‘preaching to the converted’, and it feels like they will continue every month or two. A third is to take place in December, when the main hall rather than the small hall will be available.

I was sufficiently impressed to want to have a stall there myself next time, with some recycled paper stationery for sale (I already have the stock, waiting for my new premises to come available); also a few of my books, and some information leaflets to give away, about the River Brue and the conservation issues that threaten the river and the wetland environment. It will take place either shortly after or shortly before the ‘River Brue Rehabilitation Board’ shop/office opens, which will be very good timing.

Whilst I’m feeling enthused, I shall print up the information leaflets now …